The Best Weight Loss Plan is Custom-made

Many weight loss plans have come and gone, some have been completely discredited while others work for only a segment of the population. Moving in tandem with developments in modern medicine, weight loss plans have become both exciting and effective. It is no longer a hoax that you can lose gross weight fast without the involvement of surgical methods.

One of the interesting weight loss plans brought up recently is the Starbucks weight loss formula. This involves eating exclusively at Starbucks and taking only the low calorie items on the menu. This might actually work for the average city slicker and there are testimonials to that effect.

What about the new weight loss plan of taking pure green coffee (ground of course) with every meal? It has been proven that the acid in green coffee increases metabolism and burns fat fast. This was observed without throwing exercise into the formula which is like an answer to the prayers of couch potatoes.

The discerning consumer should be skeptical of any weight loss plans that do not involve cardio, though this two above are scientifically proven. The goal should really be to stay healthy with weight loss as one means to that goal. Having the wrong cosmetic goals have seen people boomerang after initial success. Hence, choose the plan that will rid the fat and continue keep it off.

So which weight loss plan is best for you? The truth is the best way to lose weight should be customized.  Being overweight is a result of a combination of any of genetic and lifestyle factors such as; diet, environment, chronic depression, desk jobs and so on. The right mix of therapy, diet and exercise are thus unique to every individual. That being said, what works for you may also be effective to other family members whom you have always shared the same lifestyle.

A great weight loss plan is definitely one that gets you off your comfort zone. It may mean less gaming, easy on confectionaries and yes, that dreaded 30 minute walk around the block every evening. The weight loss plan chosen should be radical to work but if you don’t learn to like it, there will be a rebound.

Sometimes, unanticipated weight loss is experienced for instance when travelling to a place with a different culture and cuisine. It is not an insult to be told that having an open mind will help you lose weight. If you think about it, your mind can shape your body as it pleases and it’s the pillar of the personalized weight loss plan.

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