Top 5 Our Favorite Weight Loss Diets

Diet is the most important component to weight loss. This has been proven for years. What is unknown is the exact human science of certain foods at certain times of the day. Many diet fads have come and go and came back again. With the diet industry rapidly evolving, many new diets are coming out of nowhere with stunning results. Here are the top 5 diets currently taking the diet industry by storm.

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1) The Alkaline Diet – The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

The theory behind the Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet is that our diet should be within a certain pH level. Supporters believe a diet high in acid-producing foods disrupt the PH balance and promotes the loss of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. It is this imbalance is believed to make people more susceptible to illness.


2)The Juicing Diet – Shakxeology

Fruit mixes and protein shakes are the order of the day. This diet makes the most sense because it sets the subject on a path to changing their lifestyle. Keeping the blender company will maintain a full feeling and high energy levels even though you consume less in total.


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3) The Caveman Diet – Caveman Feast
Get in touch with your primitive side. Gaining weight has been related with urban culture so replace it with meats, greens, nuts, fruits and roots.


4) The Vegan Diet – Vegan Bodybuilding
This is the strictest diet where no animal product is consumed. It is a diet with a cause. The consistency has assured that every vegan will lose weight.


5) The Fat Loss Diet – The Fat Loss Factor
The Fat Loss Factor by Michael Allen is one of the most popular & successful weight loss diets on the market today and has helped well over 200,000 men & women in over 100 Countries Worldwide lose weight successfully. This diet plan aims to provide you with more energy, boost your immune system, and flatten your stomach.

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