Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Aside from dieting, supplements and programs there are simple things you can incorporate into your daily life to help with your weight loss goals. These are unique tips we have took from various sources that are not necessarily proven by research but things that could help with your body conquering weight loss.


1) Drink 16-24 oz Ice Cold Water Upon Waking Up Every Morning
Your body is dehydrated when waking up and hasn’t had an ounce of water in hours. Your body burns calories by drinking ice cold water as your body changes the temperature of the water once ingested.


2) Eat a Dash of Cinnamon Upon Waking Up Every Morning and Before Bed Every Evening
Cinnamon has various health benefits included inflammation and blood sugar benefits. Eating a dash of cinnamon every morning and every night will keep your blood sugar in check and not cause spikes when eating large carbohydrate or sugary meals.


3) Eat 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil Every Morning and Every Evening
Eating Coconut Oil in the morning has been shown to vastly increase your bodies metabolism throughout the day. On top of that, people who take Coconut Oil consistently have shown a decrease in body mass.


4) Do Your Workouts In the Morning
Working out in the morning burns more fat without effort during the day due to your metabolism being risen for hours after working out. Foods you eat throughout the day are less likely to be stored as fat and more likely to benefit lean muscle.


5) Surround Your Kitchen With Blue
Ever notice how restaurants have lots of red and nothing blue in their environment? That’s because red has been shown to make you eat more while the color blue is shown to be an appetite suppressant.


6) Drink a Glass of Ice Cold Water Before Every Snack & Meal
Many people don’t realize it, but that hungry feeling may actually be a thirsty quench. Drinking ice cold water before a snack or meal can result in less calories being taken in.


7) Get Rid of Junk Food Around The House
You won’t crave it if you don’t see it. Save your junk craves for special occasions. If it is around your house, you will are more likely to eat it.


8) Weigh Yourself Regularly
Weighing yourself regularly helps you stay on track with your weight loss goals. Seeing yourself gain weight will make you feel guilty while seeing yourself lose weight will feel rewarding and keep you on track.


9) Make Your Meals Smaller as the Day Goes on
Eat less as the day goes on. For example, make breakfast your largest meal and dinner your smallest meal.


10) Have a Cheat Meal!
Have a favorite food or restaurant? Eating one cheat meal per week is not going to damper your weight loss goals. Just be sure not to overeat during this meal.



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