Top 5 Weight Gain / Loss Foods

You may be eating one or more of the top 5 weight gaining foods. On the flip side, you may also be eating one or more of the top 5 foods for weight loss. We hope your on the weight loss list! Find out below!





Top 5 Weight Gaining Foods

1) Potato Chips
2) Potatoes
3) Sugary Beverages
4) Red Meat
5) Processed Meat


Even though these foods may cause weight gain, moderation and meal portion is key. Eating these foods in moderation aside from your regular healthy diet will not hinder your weight loss goals. Now, to the top 5 foods for weight loss…


Top 5 Weight Loss Foods

1) Vegetables
2) Whole Grains
3) Fruit
4) Nuts
5) Yogurt


These are just 5, there are many more! Hopefully you are balancing your diet with more of the weight loss foods than the weight gaining foods. Good luck!




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